Zyce - Transgressive (CD)


Zyce - Transgressive (CD) Being asked for a very succinct self-description recently, Nikola Kozic spontaneously answered 'Positive, hyperactive, friendly, always ready for action'.
The man behind the project Zyce ideally represents the spirit of the very fertile Progressive scene of his home country Serbia. Already his first tracks, being released in 2008, stood out because of both technical and creative independency. And not only two years later, he now delivers his second studio album. Dribbling beats and basses just as easy and casual like he did balls when he used to be a professional basketball player before completely turning to producing music, a very solid and inspiring base is set for 'Transgressive'. Upon that, Nikola concentrates on single melodies and digs a distinct acoustic depth, a laid-back and very dreamy atmosphere.

Far away from being overloaded, the 10 tracks on this album breathe a first notion of a tender spring breeze against the listener's face and rise ideas of a sunlight festival acre.


1. Blue Body - ZYCE 
2. Earth In The Flame - ZYCE AND FLEGMA 
3. Hush - ZYCE 
4. Nemesis - ZYCE 
5. Intoxicated - (Zyce rmx)DJ MARTIN 
6. Offduty - ZYCE 
7. Basic Remix - ZYCE 
8. Wonderland - ZYCE AND NOK 
9. Absorb - ZYCE 
10. Moon Riders - ZYCE

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