Zolarium - Prototype (CD)


This is the Zolarium and Uxmal Records debut album...Stratil and Zonka the label managers, after 6 years of hard work and a lot of experiences, have been able to materialize their dreams in this album called 'Prototype'. They catalog their style as Progressive Morning Psy Trance, with the acceptance of a wide range of people. With this album they change 180 degrees as a result of musical evolution experiences.
This album has a more serious groove and sets a new standard of fineness with an elegant and psychedelic touch, being a unique style in the Progressive Trance This album contains 9 tracks with explosive bass lines, melodic and harmonious sounds that create great atmospheres ideal for day dreaming.


1. It's nice to be digital 
2. Life 
3. Zero Gravity 
4. Communication 
5. Super Stereo 
6. Moments of space 
7. Prototype 
8. Smooth Groove 
9. Weeks

Source: www.psyshop.com