Ziog - Olonho (CD)


Ziog is a solo project of Alex Zeltonosovas which started in 2007, playing music in dance and chillout stages of psy trance events in Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and United Kingdom. His music is inspired by weird and wonderful creatures. He met in these countries. The collective image of the CD 'Olonho' consists of psy trance and chillout tracks filled with atmospheric arrangement and fairy-like mystery of coming spring. Where the forces unknown to the terrestrial environ are confronting at the gates of different worlds. The mirror reflection of this image is found in ancient Yakut epic mystery. Olonho... we can once again hear it's echo.
Open Your Eyes is the debut album from Alien Jesus, the exciting new project from trance pioneers and legends GMS and Space Tribe. Where the Whole is greater than the Parts This fantastic album breaks all the rules, exploring new directions and dimensions, every track is a unique creation Pumping basslines and driving rhythms with voices, synths and guitars, lyrics and hooks.

Alien Jesus present an evolution in psychedelic electronic music. Exquisitely produced, euphoric uplifting music that will take you on a journey through time and space, inner and outer dimensions. Music for the Mind, Body and Soul! Alien Jesus deliver salvation!


1. Open your eyes 
2. Rhythm of life 
3. Faster Evolution 
4. Alien Jesus 
5. Becoming Insane 
6. Tonus Diabolicus 
7. Lucy in the sky 
8. Digital ant's nest 
9. Everything is nothing


1. Rodina Olonho 
2. Gnomish Playground 
3. Numake 
4. Atanakiv 
5. Circular Models 
6. Ultra-Marine-Room 
7. Miegale 
8. Sapnyste

Source: www.psyshop.com