Zero Cult - Dreams In Stereo (CD)


Zero Cult - Dreams In Stereo (CD) A voyage through stereo images and space frequencies! Emil Ilyayev aka Zero Cult has connects his name well with a special space ambient electronica style and its one from the top Israel producers on this kind. Finally after long waiting, he delivered us his new third studio album freshest than ever.

If you liked his two previous 'Art of Harmony 'and 'Ikebana', surely u will love that too. It's a blend of previous two, spiced with new grooves and atmospheres plus a remix of Side Liner's 'once upon a time' track.

This new album would be official presented live to listeners, 12 July 2009, from Zero Cult at chill out stage of PNF Festival in Israel. Along with other top local names as Shulman and Capsula.

Don't miss this new ambient chill gem!
Style: Ambient
Released: Jun. 2009/24

1. Indigo Dream 2. Electro Wind 3. Cosmic Noise 4. Seclusion 5. Frozen 6. Once upon a time - (Remix For Side Liner) 7. Inside the urban ocean 8. Edelweiss 9. Walking on the moon 10. Till the morning -