ZerO One - remiXed


ZerO One's ''emiXed' adventures in electrOnica thOughtful sOundtracks fOr intellectual stimulatiOn.
remiXed: with bluetech, phutureprimitive and magic sOund fabric.

Synthmaster Kevin DOOley returns with his fOurth full length WavefOrm release and a little help frOm nOted musicians, perfOrmers and remiXers Bluetech, Phutureprimitive and Magic SOund Fabric. These expertly crafted thirteen tracks Of nearly 73 minutes Of remiXed classics fOllOw up his highly praised debut wOrk 'zerO One, ' his secOnd equally stellar 'protOtype2' and 'ozOne' which cOntinued his ascent in bOth sOund quality and unique cOmpositiOnal technique.

zerO: That pOint frOm which pOsitive Or negative qualities are systematically measured: the first Of which wOuld be a single unit such as One. One: Characterized by unity; fOrming a whOle.

01: The basis Of all binary digital language.


1. POssibilites2. Trust - (bluetech's trinary mix)3. Hell - (01 rmx)4. MemOry - (01 pensive mix)5. RObOts - (01 cOnspiracy mix)6. Reality - (01 rmx)7. TransfOrmatiOn/bu ist - (phutureprimitive mix)8. Ok - (01 rmx)9. Mind - (01 lOst in thOught mix)10. Dreams - (01 rmx)11. Space - (magic sOund fabric mix)12. Bu ist - (01 rmx)13. Fight - (01 rmx)