Zen Mechanics - Re - Modified


Since the release of his acclaimed album 'Holy Cities', in 2008 Zen Mechanics has become a constant name in parties and festivals worldwide. His own blend of full on and progressive trance together with his trademarked melodies and driving grooves made him one of the favourite artists of psytrance djs and listeners.
This new release is a collection of remixes of some of the most successful tracks released over the last few years, revisited by some of the hottest names in the psytrance circuit. Featuring artists such as Ace ventura, Headroom, Dickster, Earthling, Sonic Species and S-Range to name a few, which tracks have been heavily played over the last few months, this compilation is a must have for any electronic music lover!


1. Holy Cities - (Ace Ventura Rmx) 
2. Psychotropical Nights - (Sonic Species Rmx) 
3. Off the Grid - (Burn in Noise Rmx) 
4. Hallucination Generation - (Loud Rmx) 
5. Modified - (Headroom Rmx) 
6. Voodoo Bytes - (Earthling Rmx) 
7. CBR - (S-range Rmx) 
8. Mecha - (Dickster Rmx) 
9. Immerse - (Liftshift Rmx)

Source: www.psyshop.com