Zed Reactor - Interplanetary Entity


Interplanetary space, the space around the Sun and planets of the Solar System.The volume of this space is an almost pure vacuum. However, is not completely empty, and is filled with cosmic rays, gas, plasma and dust, small meteors, and several dozen types of organic molecules. Inside this chaotic silence, something evil is lurking and observing.
Ezel-Ebed Records strikes back and presents the 3rd album of Zed Reactor including 9 pure Goa and nitzhogoa party cyclones for every psychedelic mind, offering you the cosmic pulses of the interplanetary entities hideouts, straight to your senses. A trance cocktail of sounds, powerful melodies and devastating beats from a one man-band with unique style. The dark side of music.


1. Horus 
2. Dna Blocking Agents 
3. Message from space 
4. Bellatrix 
5. Hades Of Gates 
6. Beyond Galaxies 
7. Phobos Two 
8. Dark Nebula 
9. Zedessa

Source: www.psyshop.com