Yousef unveils Scars & Situations


Yousef is set to release his first solo artist album next month. On 2005's Friends full-length, the Liverpudlian ex-Cream resident enlisted the likes of Nic Fanciulli, Paul Woolford and Justin Long to realise his studio vision, but his forthcoming Scars & Situations record will showcase Yousef's own talents behind the desk.
Most of the record is comprised of techno and tech-house tracks that are primed for the dance floor, but the Circus promoter has a few curveballs up his sleeve that may surprise his long-term fans. "Africa" features source recordings that were taken from jam sessions with local musicians in Gambia during his holiday there earlier this year, but the record's only other collaboration is with a much bigger name. "Legacy" features a vocal from none other than Chicago house legend Derrick Carter, providing a human touch to Yousef's jacking tech-house rhythms on the largely instrumental album.

01. Wig
02. In Parliament
03. I Suggest
04. A Moment Of Clarity
05. Fun Whore
06. Letter To No One
07. In All My Numbers
08. Legacy (feat. Derrick Carter)
09. Birthday Thoughts
10. Anti Hero
11. Equilibrium
12. Africa

Circus Recordings will release Scars & Situations on June 15th, 2009.