Yggdrasil - Prose Edda (CD)


Yggdrasil - Prose Edda (CD) Digital Psionic presents Yggdrasils 'Prose Edda 'Yggdrasil is above and beyond the flip side of psychedelic electronic chilled out beats. It's like pancakes hitting your ears and maple syrup running down your face.
A spongey citadel of squelchy bliss that can only be experienced while listening to the Yggdrasil sound. A Swedish duo masterpiece of world fusion beats baked with synthetic layers and acoustic deliverance.

Prose edda is a tale transcribing an anthological view within and beyond Nordic mythology. Transpired over eons of time, lost in translation and converted into this modern day musical context. This magical moment in recording history is now captured, sealed and digitally encoded for your audio consumption.

Digital Psionics has gone gold, this story needs to be told and we are honoured to present Prose edda to the public. Blending the digital and acoustic together has shone a new light into the psionic domain. It has been meticulously polished and mastered in the Swedish homelands to bring presence and light to the sound.

So lay back and sponge bath in this audio bliss.

Feel the froth foam float against your temples.

Breathe the Yggdrasil sound.


1. Don't feed the toadstools 
2. Beyond the borders of sanity 
3. Flying Sausage 
4. Headfoam Jack 
5. Everyone is looking 
6. Meat your chops 
7. Amazing Gnejs

Source: www.psyshop.com