Yahel - Xport (CD)


Yahel - Xport (CD) After the meteoric success of his last 'Super Set' Projekt (1 and 2), and his numerous Artist albums which established him as one of the world's top Dj's, and landed him for the second year in a role at number 28th of Dj Mag's top 100 DJ's, Yahel is ready to deliver us his exciting new album.
X-Port - is a means of transportation that will take you for a ride into Deep Trance Beats through psychedelic Goa while enclosed in fat club like effects. This project contains bombshells, which explode on impact with the dance floor. Kicking off with 'Anoni', a collaboration with Omer and Indian producer Akshai Sarin, followed by 'Beyond' - featuring Tammy, of Ocean and Liquid love.

'Do You Believe' is a collaboration with Chakra and contains live guitars by Riko Which is featured also in the title track X-Port. The third track 'Save Me' also contains Riko's guitars combined with Tammy's amazing vocals Delivering a rough yet sensitive track that will move you in more then one way.

Staying true to form 'Inti Zar' is Yahel's remix of a classic Turkish melody and 'Beijar' is a most anticipated Rmx to the famous Brazilian hit song 'Se Ela Danca Eu Dance' by MC Leozinho. Yahel is widely respected and has found success with major labels such as Sony/BMG and other labels such as Black Hole, Cyber and Tsunami.

As this year unfolds for Yahel, we can expect to see him continue his domination on the scene, and this artist which is considered one of the most talented and popular Producers/Dj's to come out of the Israeli trance scene.

Style: Psytrance
Released: Nov. 2008/45

1. Fear Of The Dark (Vip Mix) - Yahel
2. Inti Zar - Yahel, Riko
3. Anoni - Yahel, Omar, Akashai
4. Beyond - Yahel, Tammy
5. Simple Mind - Yahel
6. Save Me - Yahel, Tammy, Riko
7. Reach 2 Me - Yahel, Shaqua, Riko
8. Oxygen - Yahel, Sivan Talmor
9. Beijar - Yahel, Bruno Ceare
10. Do U Belive - Yahel, Chakra, Riko
11. Xport - Yahel, Riko

Source: www.psyshop.com