X-Noize - Clockwize (CD)


X-Noize are Barak Argaman and Nadav Bonen from Tel-Aviv, Israel.One of the busiest acts on the global psy-trance scene.
After releasing 2 best selling albums 'Mental Notes' and 'Revolver' featuring many high impact tracks that crossed over very well to both psy and prog-trance dj's and artists, placing them as leaders as well as headliners in many events around the globe and leaving many dancers and clubbers breathless yet begging for more comes the 3rd instalment of their dance floor saga 'Clockwize'.

The new album is a well crafted journey into the trance genre. Circeling clockwize from old school goa trance through modern psy trance to futuristic techno trance up to the last track which is the X-boys first take on a dark and minimal techno tune.

Collaborations, remixes, lead synthes and vocals, all ticking together in a perfect miX-noiZe!


1. Good old days - (with Techtonic)2. By any means necessary - (Remix for 3.Turn)3. PTXnoiZe - (with PTX)4. Machines - (X-Noize 2010 Remix for Loud)5. Dymethltryptamine - (Remix for Quantize)6. Losing control - (with Guy Salama feat. Tom C.)7. Deep fried - (with Illumination)8. Clockwise - (Live Mix feat. Tom C.)9. On board - (Hipnotix rmx)10. Rock n' Roll

Source: www.psyshop.com