Whicked Hayo - The Sequel


3 years after the release of their successful debut album which gave the world a glimpse of their ability to create unique breakdowns and bizarre yet intelligent usage of samples, while doing the mixing for the Highlight Tribe album 'Trancelucid' Morad Bensaoud and Dan Firiou are back with a diverse album that showcases the evolution in their sound.
Over the years they have showcased their explosive live-act all over the world and in festivals such as Freedom Festival, Full Moon Festival, Earthdance, Rhakti Dei, Transylvania Calling among many others.

Inspired by new influences and ideas and the fusion of their talent with highly-respected musicians such as Juno Reactor, Highlight Tribe, Kindzadza, Psykovsky to name a few, the album is an interesting amalgamation of their trademark breaks, tribal percussion, aggressive old school acid synths, classical piano and hi-tec sounds. Merging all these ideas they have created a very catchy and diverse while keeping the highly energetic dancefloor factor they are known for. The remixes of Juno Reactor and Highlight Tribe are some of the ones that could catch you by surprise, showing their ability to create a wide range of sounds.


1. Crafty Ape - WHICKED HAYO2. Abakwa - (Whicked Hayo rmx)HILIGHT TRIBE3. Zwara - (Whicked Hayo rmx)JUNO REACTOR4. Hi and light - WHICKED HAYO VS HIGHLIGHT TRIBE5. This is stupid - WHICKED HAYO6. Leodelic - WHICKED HAYO7. Retardation - WHICKED HAYO8. Scientific Nightmare-1 - WHICKED HAYO9. Fight the battle - WHICKED HAYO

Source: www.psyshop.com