Voxel9 - Beyond


Voxel9 aka Trinodia aka Daniel Eldstroem presents Ovnimoon Records with 80 minutes pure energy for the ambient and chill out world.
Voxel9 presents a special 2 part album presented by Ovnimoon Records and Bass Star Records that begins its voyage 'Beyond' with a deep and meditational night time journey into the inner regions of your mind and soul.

As the 3 Phase experience concludes you gently transition back to the natural world with the mystical closing track 'Calls of nature'.

'Beyond' as an album shows off Daniels ability to fully engage the listener through minimal and subtle changes using low tuned atmosphere and deep tribal rhythmic pulses. Daniel started making tracks under this project called Voxel9 when he put the trance-producing on the shelf for a while in 2000.

Voxel9 is an more ambient/electronic side of his production through which he earned how to produce music more as landscapes of sounds and not only melodies and weird sounds. This perfected use of slow layering of sounds is done for the world to experience a complete trip while listening to his music.

This multi environment quest through transcendental pathways always presents a perfect picture of your divine self while also setting your inner child free to roam and play.


1. Beyond - (Phase I) 
2. Beyond - (Phase II) 
3. Beyond - (Phase III) 
4. Calls of nature

Source: www.psyshop.com