Void - Alpha Male (CD)


Alpha Male is Void's 3rd studio album.Void are Tamir Regev and Oren Emmanuel, two extremly taleneted musicians who musical journey started over a decade ago.
Void first emerded from the chaotic Israeli psytrance underground scene, teaming with Skazi's label Chemical-Crew, releasing two critically acclaimed studio albums, a compilation, and numerous singles, tracks, remixes on dosens of compilation.

Througout the years Void stamped their passports almost in any given destination on the planet, their distinguished tight sound was heard from the smallest underground party to the biggest festival stages, leaving casualties in the crowd, enslaving fans year by year to their monsterous tracks.

Alpha Male is the offspring of Void's newly and updated musical agenda, this is one of the most unique and yet innovative electronic albums that will instantly hit your ears, Void's writing and producing matured in the past couple of years, the process of selecting materials to this sensational album took a considerable time, carefuly hand picked, showcasing what Void has beome, a true electronic-meet-rock-trance live band.


1. Forgive Me - (rmx) 
2. Thally 
3. Lock and Key 
4. Hunting Season 
5. Solitary 
6. Sleeping wide awake 
7. Keep it kosher - (feat. Eskimo) 
8. Y.M.I 
9. The Foundation 
10. New Day 
11. Bringing you home - (rmx)

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