Visual Paradox - The Power Of Sound (CD)


Visual Paradox - The Power Of Sound (CD) Following the successful release of their two studio albums hundreds of performances across the globe and an infinite number of releases with top labels, on march 2010 the trance lovers are in for a long awaited treat, Visual Paradox are back with a 3rd studio album, The power of Sound.
This album is a true transcendental experience of trance on all its various style ranging from down tempo through mazes of psychedelic illusions fueled by tracks of the more up lifting genre for those of us that want to dance till they drop.

The Power of Sound is a guided tour through the concept of trance music by the two highly capable instructors Bog and Solly which mange the Visual Paradox Psychedelic Tour Company, that is always sued for damage to the dance floor on every set they play.

The album also contains some Vs. tracks with artists such as Cosmic Tone, Ultravoice, and Indra. Its name revels the secret these two hold, The Power of Sound, a lethal weapon for every Dj on his tours around the global dance floors, guaranteed to appeal to trance lovers around the world as they all speak the language of music.


1. MiniMe 
2. Mission is possible 
3. Globalos 
4. Total Inspition - (Album Edit) 
5. Ti 
6. Never Stop 
7. Ocean 
8. Liqud Sky 
9. First sun from the rock