Vishnudata - Vishnudata


Vishnudata - Vishnudata The new Vishnudata album introduces techno and house influenced side of the artist named, the roots of this finely produced whole still being solidly on the psychedelic ground.
Vishnudata creates ethereal atmospheres and airy soundscapes on his new album being at times gently rough and at times giving the pure joy shine through his music. The album features guest musicians Mikael Ukura on guitar and Suho Superstar on vocals. Like the producer himself, the album resonates with the first rays of the morning sunshine with the energy of kicking groovy beats on the ambient backdrops.

Vishnudata is a solo project by Finnish producer Valo Lankinen. The new album is the second release by the producer under this name. The debut Dreamforce was released on Space Boogie Productions in 2007. The multi-instrumentalist Vishnudata has a long history in making music, his main instruments being electric violin, guitar and percussions. Aside from Vishnudata Valo Lankinen is involved in psybient influenced dub project Dreadlock Tales and does techno production under the name Electric Arc


1. Intro 
2. Planets in line 
3. Am i dreaming ? 
4. Enter the womb 
5. Mental Sticks 
6. Totoro Temple 
7. Noise from far 
8. Gift of heaven 
9. Silver Falls