Virtual Light - Illuminatrix (CD)


Virtual Light's style is an un-quantifiable hybrid of full on morning psytrance that takes up from the melodic and mental romping grounds of Logic Bomb and then is injected deep into the neuronet where your DNA is recoded into tiny digital nano-bots and you are reborn in the matrix as new form of life.
This long awaited 2nd new album encompasses 10 previously unexplored sectors of your mental storage device.

Each track is a tale of adventure and survival chronicling the possible fate of humankind in a world where life is about enjoying each and every moment to the fullest and to relentlessly create a better world for all sentient software and humans alike.


1. All good boys deserve phazers 
2. Chaos and Disillusion 
3. Venusian 
4. No more conspiracies 
5. Kukamunga - (update mix) 
6. Mission Statement 
7. Node Worm 
8. Prime Normal - (rmx) 
9. Concentration Camp - (rmx) 
10. Jinx