Vertex - Earth


After the absolute success of their refreshing debut album 'Ocean' symbolizing the element of water, Vertex returns with second installment in element concept albums with 'Earth'.
Vertex guys have really worked hard to create their signature atmospheric, melodic and groovy progressive sound, and this album prooves what a fine job they did. More than ever before, Vertex is completely devoted to creation of authentic sounds, melodies and rhythms, making this album truly unique and original. Something that is always appreciated more than seasonal dancefloor tools that floods the scene in a last few years.

As in 'Ocean' their focus is once again on complex melodic structures, but this time they took the game to a whole new level with addition of soothing spiritual vocals, tribal percussions, even warmer and lighter pads and textures, spacey and psychedelic sound effects and all the way to energetic sounds of Balkan trumpets.

There is realy a high diversity, and you can definitely expect sounds of 'Earth' to echo on upcoming summer festival season, as well in years to come.


1. Elements on earth - VERTEX FEAT. SOLAR KID 
2. Surface - VERTEX 
3. Avalanche - VERTEX FEAT. PION 
4. Welcome to Serbia - VERTEX 
5. Faith - VERTEX 
6. Enlightenment - VERTEX 
7. Out of orbit - VERTEX FEAT. VICE 
8. Northern Lights - VERTEX FEAT. FLOAT 
9. Joy of silence - VERTEX