Vanghoul - Dusk Till Dawn (CD)


Vanghoul - Dusk Till Dawn (CD) This is psychedelic punk dance explosion.A Pandora's box of dance floor filth. Full powered anthems twisting psytrance into electro bending hard house industrial mayhem. Not even a guitar pick has been left behind when these gentlemen get off the stage. It's like the Sex Pistols gone steam punk or Jimmy Hendrix discovered virtual synthesis. This album is crowd surfing microphone throwing guitar smashing keyboard burning techno insanity.
So come up to the front with me, forget who watching you, forget what preconceptions you have over what music means. Let go of all that thought and theory that clouds you mind with concepts limiting the way of having new experiences. Let's dance from dusk till dawn and enjoy the mathematical sound that explores new territory. It's a rock n roll holocaust, Elvis would be so proud.

Vanghoul has just entered the building.


1. Beetlejuice 
2. Social Distortion 
3. Cheers Mate 
4. Beyond Imagination 
5. Drama Queen 
6. V for Vanghoul 
7. Jest Listen 
8. Viva La Pornstar 
9. Network Distorder