Unoccupied - Everyday Life (CD)


Unoccupied - Everyday Life (CD) Consistent with the goal of diversifying its musical say Aleph Zero is happy to present you with Unoccupied's debut album. Nadav Katz and Eitan Reiter, a multitalented duo from Israel, each well established on his own, team up here, and the outcome is very special. Everyday Life, as the title suggests, is Unoccupied's view on everyday life, a view that is melancholic and at the same time optimistic, simple and almost naive, yet deep and revealing.
With penetrating melodies and emotional atmospheres, laced with simple smart lyrics, Unoccupied paint a vivid picture of daily reality and beautifully combines the electronic and the acoustic, downtempo electronica and soft rock, ambient pop and alternative music, and is best defined as captivating music for everyday life.

Style: Ambient
Released: Nov. 2008/48

1. Everyday Life
2. Basic Conversation
3. Always on the move
4. Time Off
5. Stay Outside
6. One happy thought
7. Have it all
8. She
9. Painting of a forest
10. Personal Interview
11. Cash