Twina - Secret Identity (CD)


Twina - Secret Identity (CD) Psyshop is proud to announce the upcoming 2nd studio album release from one of the most promising acts to hit the scene, the multi talented Twina.
This top notch producer which combines a vast knowledge of music in all its forms and a profound understanding of the electronic music production process has channeled all his abilities into his Twina project, to our great satisfaction. Coming right at ya, Twina's 'Secret Identity' is a leap forward in time positioning this album in its rightful place as a must have CD for every Dj.

This album contains a few collaborations with California Sunshine, Psyspam (aka Erez ITP), Domateck, Synsun and Elik (selective memory). From the first track you are bombarded with powerful and alternating baselines, rhythmic diversity and richness of sound which creates a Stadium like atmosphere aimed to influence the masses and join them together in this ancient trance ritual deriving its essence from the pure psychedelic experience in all of us.

When all this is met with full on dance floor elements and a sense of a moving train in supersonic speeds, you are left with no other choice than dance till you drop.


1. The voice of god 
2. Secret Identity 
3. Who u are 
4. Bruce T 
5. Way 
6. Zootopia 
7. Disrupt 
8. Beat Zone 
9. Venus from Mars 
10. Arab Wind