Twilight - Angels Calling (CD)


Twilight - Angels Calling (CD) Mushy Records is proud to announce the release of Twilight - 'Angels Calling'. Twilight is Javier Martinez, born in 1985 in Mexico City.His passion for electronic based music lead him, at the age of 19, to Australia, were he begun his degree in sound engineering, in one of the most prestigious schools in the world.

By late 2006, After 2 years of studying and playing DJ sets pretty much every weekend in the Nnsw area he graduates and begun taking his production to a different level.Around the same time he was discovered by Bubble and was asked to be part of the Mushy Records family.

His first track was released through Belgium label 'Dacru Records' in the compilation Orientation Vol. 2, not long after he was invited to play Live in Rio de Janeiro at one of the biggest and most important parties of Brazil (Xxxperience), where he played for more than 15, 000 people.

After releasing more powerful releases he sat down to produce his debut studio album.'Angels Calling' features 10 massive dance floor breakers, a perfect Dj tool which will shred, uplift, and move any event presented to.A remarkable set of tracks, presenting a fresh, mature approach to Full-On Trance music.Highly innovative and articulate set of music, highly diverse, fun and playful.

We will not elaborate but rather let the music speak for itself!
Style: Psytrance
Released: May. 2009/21

1. Angels Calling 2. Xta-si 3. Space Frequency 4. Quite Acceptable 5. Mad cosmic visions 6. Morning Sugar 7. Threat of light 8. Programmed Voyage 9. Smooth Operator 10. So Far -