Tube - The Remixes (CD)


Finaly, the long awaited Tube Remixes.Tube comes with a killer remix-compilation containing some of his most famous tracks. The next generation of Push Records and Electronic Music.
The album was created to function as a smart dance bomb, all tested thoroughly on dance floors worldwide.

This mega explosive release includes 10 previously new and unreleased tracks made in 2010.

The Remixes are definitely groovy and different. Pure Psystyle which is heavily influenced from Techno, Industrial, Electro, Drum and Bass and New Wave Music.


1. Personality - (Tube rmx)TUBE 
2. Meet the monster - (Noizepulse rmx)TUBE 
3. Dinosour - (Anomalia vs Bond rmx)TUBE 
4. My November - (Magneto rmx)TUBE VS AZAX SYNDROME 
5. Groove Action - (Tube rmx)TUBE 
6. Generator - (Karmacrop rmx)TUBE 
7. Dangerous - (Tube vs Crazy Tone)TUBE VS SKAZI 
8. Confessions - (X-Team rmx)TUBE 
9. Rock N Roll - (Prospect vs Digital Tribe rmx)TUBE VS SKAZI FEAT MICHELE ADAMSON 
10. Into the future - (Twisted Reaction rmx)TUBE VS KOXBOX