TuK - The Laws Of Nature (CD)


Goa Records proudly presents rising Israeli progressive fullon star TuK's inspired new 2nd album 'Laws of Nature'.
Transcending your expectations of how things were, TuK effortlessly ascends to new heights with this fusion of spiritual goapsy and progressive tech. Deep philosophy meets raging dance floor epics fueled by pristine and crisp production while maintaining all the right elements to really deliver a satisfying conclusion!

Each track stands on its own in a set while listened together becomes an odyssey of blissful bass lines and futuristic yet ancient melodies. TuK clearly spent the time learning his trade and now that hard work has paid off in what is bound to become a legendary addition to all true goa psytrance and progressive FullOn lovers and DJs.

The world is hungry for this timely and appropriate release.


1. Anandas Poetry 
2. Meditation on first philosophy 
3. Laws of nature 
4. Space Funk 
5. Brain Malfunction 
6. Abstract Art 
7. Electric Frog 
8. What is reality 
9. Out of phase

Source: www.psyshop.com