Try2Fly - Faith


Goa Records presents the full length debut artist album from a prolific new musical duo from Macedonia, Try2Fly.
This new album titled 'Faith' brings the sound of Vladimir Jankovski and Vangel Angov together as the Try2Fly project to the world.

The music style is modern psychedelic Goa Trance with hints of both twilight and morning sound, characterized by pounding and groovy bass lines, techie groovy drums, weird psy melodies and atmospheres.

This 12 track album will take the listener on a full musical journey though organic and powerful trance inducing moments. All of the tracks have been tested successfully on dance floors and show a successful future ahead as the Try2Fly project takes off.


1. Dream Catcher - (Intro) 
2. The Buddha Nature 
3. Alien Planet 
4. The whole world is an illusion 
5. Habit of flying 
6. Keep the thing rolling 
7. I see memories 
8. Magnetic Field 
9. Faith 
10. Shrooms 
11. Fear and Loathing 
12. Brain Shutdown - (Outro)