Tron - Biologic (CD)


Tron - Biologic (CD) Ever the industrious and enthusiastic virtuoso, for the past three years Tron has been piecing together his next masterpiece album, Biologic, using all the experience he gained from rocking dance floors across three continents.

Featuring plenty of twisting, leafy, organic sound and the crispest, cleanest production quality conceivable which has come to characterize this artist, Biologic is a smashing sequel build from the ground up to raise roofs and rock headphones, speakers, and dance floors alike.

Just a few rotations of this amazing collection of Tron's latest works will show you why this artist deserves the recognition and notoriety of innovation and uniqueness he has earned within the worldwide community.
Style: Psytrance
Released: May 2009/21

1. Chopsquad
2. Pollyphonic Pineapple
3. Homegrown
4. HD - (feat. Beatnik)
5. Wawawa - (feat. Pollyphonica)
6. Prawntrance
7. REsync
8. Freebass
9. Life