Troll Scientists - Sir Eel (CD)


Troll Scientists - Sir Eel (CD) The freshest Exogenic Records sign up Troll Scientists will release their new long play Sir Eel on May 7th 2009. The new album takes the psychedelic sounds into variety of new directions and genres taking listeners into serene moments of shponglish soundscapes, gurgling breakbeats and straight forward full on as well as gabber hollandaise on top of it all.

It is a truly respectable thing when a music making act breaks the established molds and siezes their album for their own, and the Troll Scientists have done this absolutely admirably. Riding the momentum of their acclaimed debut album Useless Science, the Trolls have been hard at work both in the studio and on stage, reliably and relentlessly performing across Europe and Russia, cranking out a plethora of free releases.

The ecclectic Suomi influenced beat bizarres Troll Scientists is formed by two talented producers Jani Inkeroinen and Staffan StrA m. Helsinki based duo has left a permanent trace in the Finnish and worldwide psy trance community with their highly psychedelic and yet deeply original production.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jun. 2009/24

1. Disco Doctor
2. Fisherman's Symphony
3. Follow the sardines
4. Birth of Wainamoinen - (feat. Tim Lundsblad On Drums)
5. Congo Party
6. Un question du pop
7. Ajattara
8. Zemel Dance
9. Ziko
10. Witch Protector