Tripy - Shamanik Concept (CD)


Tripy - Shamanik Concept (CD) Shamanik Concept is the eagerly expected debut album for Maltese born, Australian legend... Tripy aka Charlie Xuereb. As the first rumbling bass notes grinds your hips you know you are in for a full body treat that captivates you the moment it washes over your soul.

A story in each track fulfills the needs of psy and goa freaks alike with spicy melodies, elaborate bass lines, intricate rhythms and wild psychedelic personality. Australia's best kept secret finds a perfect niche where Mr. Peculiar and Fractal Glider have blazed trails through the outback Tripy continues to forage ahead into unknown mental-bolic escapades.

Sure to make you dance and laugh at any time of the party this music is ready for the summer festivals and packed clubs as well the intimate doof in the woods. Treat your self and your tribe to the new sound from the underground and look out for more Tripy productions come to you soon from downunder

Tripy A.k.a Charlie Xuereb was born in Malta in 1977. Early in his youth Charlie felt a strong connection with music which became his life long focus. He experimented with different rhythms like break dance and hip hop. During his path to musician he met the sounds of electronic music like house, hard house, and experimental minimal techno until finally he was sucked into the Trance Sounds.

In 2000 Tripy finds himself in Goa India and at the point it all changes. Since then he has dedicated his life and artistic energy into creating psytrance and dance gatherings. After all this he decided to move to Australia where he is now performing live and mainly focusing on more music productions in morning melodic music.

He met with Doctor Spook and found a home for his unique uplifting sound with the Digital Drugs Coalition star label family and is lined up to introduce his brand new fresh Album. Tripy has released some singles and as well the Shamanik Concept EP and expect many more to rocking hits to the dance floors around the world.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jun. 2009/26

1. Shiva was born 2. Shamanik Concept 3. Spiral Dream 4. Cosmic Sounds 5. Koma 6. Light of wisdom 7. The Force 8. Alien Contact 9. Trip Out 10. Beta Language -