Tresor installs 3D sound


Tresor will premiere a new soundsystem that boasts 3D audio just in time for this week's Popkomm conference.

The IOSONO system will get its first official outing on October 6th with sets announced by Heiko Laux, Stewart Walker and more. Previously used in American cinemas and designed by MP3 co-founder Karlheinz Brandenburg, it claims to be a fully immersive environment that allows DJs to place sounds anywhere they wish in the hundreds of speakers that currently surround the Tresor dancefloor.

For those in town during the conference, the opening party is a free event, with a system test drive scheduled for 9PM and performances set to start from 10:30 on. If you're not in Berlin this week, you'll have to hurry to catch a listen: The speakers are only currently set to be installed at Tresor for a month's time, with club head Dimitri Hegemann claiming that "the new system will stay if the clubbers enjoy it." We're guessing that our enjoyment will depend on the DJs taking to it as well: It will remain to be seen which artists have the ability to take full advantage of the new set-up. After all, how exactly do you play records in 3D?