Tor.Ma in Dub - Jump High (From the roots to the sky) (CD)


Tor.Ma in Dub - Jump High (From the roots to the sky) (CD) Beats and Pieces is happy to bring you a new album from in Dub the dub project of Mexican producer and musician Rafael Hernandez. After a successful debut in Iono Music and a number of singles and compilation releases, in Dub brings forth his most mature and complete musical output to date in Jump High (From the Roots to the Stars). Rafael's diverse musical tastes both as a producer and as a music enthusiast manifest themselves here.
The album combines elements of different styles of Dub with Breaks and electronic beats, and the outcome is very groovy and smooth and serves perfectly both as a great soundtrack to dive into and nod your head dreamily to, and as moving dancefloor material.


1. Prayer 
2. Izel 
3. Out of there 
4. This Way - (Live Edit) 
5. Subconscious 
6. Gaia 
7. Times a billion 
8. Smile 
9. Metamorph 
10. Impulse 
11. Dark Dub 
12. Biocircuit 
13. Raining Dub - (Special Breaks Edit)