Tomic - My Number One (CD)


Tomic - My Number One (CD) German progressive trance producer Thomas Wagner aka Tomic is an artist that we at Spiral Trax have had our eyes on since we received his first demo.
Apart from his releases on our Platform and Bakkelit compilations Tomic has released on labels such as Stripped, Iboga and his own label Fraud Recordings. He has been working with Dutch model turned DJ, Joyce Mercedes as well as providing remixes for Greed and Astronivo.

Currently he is busy working on projects together with Klopfgeister, Dualism, 9 West and Miss Napalm. Tomic's style can best be described as classic progressive trance heavily influenced by house, always with a good dose of driving percussive rhythms.

Previous to the album we are releasing the digital single Groove with a remix from Swedish progressive/tech-house producer Karl Johan later followed by a Klopfgeister remix of Restless.

Style: Progress Trance
Released: Nov. 2008/46

1. Perpetual Movement
2. Cell Phone Spell
3. Restless
4. Groove
5. Tears of Joy
6. I call it Acid
7. Twister
8. Memories
9. Downer