Toires - Yasmina (2CD)


Toires - Yasmina (2CD) Florian Seriot aka Toires has created an original music sound punctuated by daring expeditions.Since the end of the 80s, he has been busy with performing his music at various festivals all over the world, either solo or accompanied by an orchestra.
His music distils sounds born from a fusion sometimes close to Ambient, to ethnic melodies from around the world, and to rhythmic elements oscillating between Trip-hop, Break - Beat, Dub and Rock.

By inviting instrumentalists and musicians in his studio, from Caucuses, Morocco or Pacific Origin, Toires created a sonorous universe coming out from a trip notebooks as it shows in his double album Qued Sanati. A mistress piece of his work inspired by the sunrise in the desert.

Toires puts his signature in his fifth opus, Yasmina, in co-production with Mahana Bay Label. A double album composed in Morocco, with modern and contrasted sounds. A kaleidoscope of remixed works in an astonishing variety of musical styles, accompanied of a 'best of live' recorded between 1999 and 2006.

A long discography of ingenious ethno-electronic pieces and his remarkable talent have led him, during the last decade, to compose or remix singles for, or with, Natacha Atlas, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Prem Joshua, Claude Challe, Irina Makhailova, Gravity Co., Gator Dash, etc...


1. Smoking Gun - (Wesh mix)TOIRES 
2. Blue Night - (La Moha version)TOIRES VS NAMGYAL 
3. Ma Wal'Hob - (Namgyal rmx)TOIRES 
4. Cristalline - (Toires rmx)GRAVITY CO. 
5. Je suis un apache - (Toires scooter rmx)LES VOISINS D'EN FACE 
6. Sanaeti feat. Natacha Atlas - (Rock Da Dub version)TOIRES 
7. Hayati Inta - (Toires Gedra rmx)NATACHA ATLAS 
8. Menara - (Arketype Project rmx)TOIRES 
9. Nabab - (Jong rmx)TOIRES10. Nafas Al Hayat - (Live version)TOIRES 
11. Tali - (Live version)TOIRES 
12. Smoking Gun - (Live version)TOIRES 
13. Menara - (Live version)TOIRES 
14. MK 47 - (Live version)GATOR DASH FEATURING TOIRES 
15. Feeling - (Toires Whirling mix Live version)GATOR DASH FEATURING TOIRES 
16. Azif Laile - (Namgyal remix Live version)TOIRES 
17. Gator D. - (Toires Funky mix Live version)GATOR DASH FEATURING TOIRES 
18. Market Beach - (Live version)TOIRES 
19. Kia - (Live version)TOIRES