Time Lock - Crash and Burn (CD)


Time Lock - Crash and Burn (CD) Phonokol proudly presents the long awaited album of Time Lock 'Crash and Burn'.Felix Nagorsky (aka Felix from 'Weekend Heroes'), had delivered 10 Storming killer tracks to complete his new Masterpiece 'Crash and Burn'.
'Crash and Burn' is a super album that's sounds like the perfect party soundtrack, loaded with high energies, coming strong, Psychedelic and harmonic, Full On tunes that will not leave everyone indifferent.

With the upcoming release of the album 'Crash and Burn'- Time Lock are heading for fame and glory!

Don't miss these true trance masters! 'Crash and Burn' is on one of Phonokols' highlights for 2010!


1. Edge Runner 
2. Low Cargo 
3. Radioactive 
4. Analogiz rmx 
5. Rainbows 
6. Still Burning 
7. Inner Bright Part 2 
8. Groundshaker 
9. Live or die rmx 
10. Crash and Burn

Source: www.psyshop.com