The Riddler - Questions


The Riddler aka Talpa has a few questions for you.TesseracTstudio is very proud to finally announce the release of album by Serbian producer Goran Juric, which is known to the world under his Talpa moniker.
Talpa was one of the greatest discoveries of psytrance in the last decade, with two amazing albums and bunch of singles released worldwide, his music reached legendary status among psychedelic society. His endless creativity and ability to create storytelling music has already captivated hearts of music lovers all around the globe, and with his new project The Riddler, he is ready to continue his sonic domination.

The Riddler's 'Questions' is probably the most unique, innovative, up to date artist album scene has to offer at this moment. As things are today, among so many artists which desperately search for succesfull dance music formula, The Riddler does it with ease and elation - sound is funky and groovy, and crosses into almost every genre of dance music you can hear today. From funky disco house beats to progressive house with a hint of techno, The Riddler spiced it all up with psychedelic atmospheres which originates from his psytrance roots. Once again, Goran shows off his amazing production skills, and prooves that dance music still is a big playground where anything is possible. If you were looking for a unique sound that you will love more and more with each new listen, look no further, all you need is right here.


1. Robots like to have sex 
2. Hide and seek 
3. Digital Users 
4. Questions 
5. A whisper of hope 
6. Little Bastards 
7. Intelligent shade of green 
8. Outsider 
9. Surprise 
10. Dreamer