The Crystal Method celebrates tour with free download


The Crystal Method celebrates tour with free download Long time veterans of the electronic music scene, The Crystal Method have been hard at work for over a decade and are still going strong, about to release a fourth studio album due out early next year, as well as launching a 30-date North American tour.
Back in 1994 they released their first single, â??Now is the Timeâ??, which was originally a popular slogan for the civil rights movement of the 1960s. 

Now, decades later, weâ??re seeing a resurgence of that same sentiment in the campaign of presidential nominee Barack Obama, echoed visually in the wildly popular political artwork of Shepard Fairey. Just in time for the November 2008 U.S. presidential election, the Crystal Method have reworked the song with a sample from Obamaâ??s â??Now is the timeâ??â? statement from his speech, and have made it available as a free download on their site.
You can also see a corresponding, revised version of Faireyâ??s Obama portrait logo there.

Says the Crystal Method: â??Like 38 million other Americans, we were transfixed listening to Obamaâ??s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.  It reminded us of the creative process we went through all those years ago, listening to samples of inspiring old civil rights speeches and creating the original â??Now Is Timeâ??. 

â??We donâ??t often revisit old songs but weâ??ve been spending so much time looking forward as we work on our new album it seemed appropriate to take a minute to look back at the beginning. Plus, right now no American could be hurt by hearing another inspiring message, whether itâ??s on the morning news or at the club later that night. This is a song we just want people to hear.â?

Check out Faireyâ??s art and get the free download at

Crystal Method Tour dates:
10/09/08 Anaheim, CA - Heat Ultra Lounge
10/10/08 San Diego, CA - Spin
10/11/08 Los Angeles, CA - Vanguard
10/16/08 Daytona Beach, FL - The Coliseum
10/17/08 Tampa, FL - Green Iguana
10/18/08 New Orleans, LA- Ampersand
10/23/08 Charlotte, NC - The Forum
10/24/08 Nashville, TN - Limelight
10/25/08 New York, NY- Webster Hall
10/31/08 Seattle, WA - WAMU Theater
11/07/08 Knoxville, TN - World Grotto
11/08/08 Orlando, FL - Firestone
11/13/08 Denver, CO - Beta
11/14/08 El Paso, TX - Studio 69
11/15/08 San Francisco, CA - Ruby Skye
11/20/08 Boston, MA - Underbar
11/21/08 Houston, TX - Riches
11/22/08 St. Louis, MO - Dantes
11/29/08 Chicago, IL - Vision
12/02/08 Boulder, CO - The Fox
12/03/08 Calgary, Alberta - Warehouse
12/04/08 Vancouver, BC - Celebrities
12/05/08 Austin, TX - Sky Lounge
12/10/08 Las Vegas, NV - Body English
12/11/08 Columbus, OH - Sugar
12/12/08 Philadelphia, PA - TLA
12/13/08 Dallas, TX - Lizard Lounge
12/17/08 Windsor, Ontario - Boom Boom
12/18/08 Toronto, Ontario - The Social
12/19/08 Minneapolis, MN - Epic