The Antidote - White (CD)


The Antidote - White (CD) The Antidote is back with his new album 'White' which will be released on Neurobiotic Rec. After a long year in the studio Serge managed to put together an amazing collection of tunes which will set any dancefloor on fire.

10 new, exclusive, unreleased tracks which demonstrate that psytrance still has a lot to say and that one of the masters of the genre is back on track! This is one that can't be missed!
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jun. 2009/23

1. Saturne - THE ANTIDOTE 2. Blind Test - THE ANTIDOTE 3. Earth away from home - THE ANTIDOTE 4. Hypnosis - THE ANTIDOTE 5. Zingizang - THE ANTIDOTE 6. Destiny - (The Antidote rmx)KROME ANGELS 7. Altered State - THE ANTIDOTE 8. Air Control - THE ANTIDOTE 9. Satellite - THE ANTIDOTE 10. Mr. Oudini - THE ANTIDOTE -