Tetrium - Precision Mechanics


Geomagnetic Israel brings to you the eagerly awaited full power emotional and uplifting super charged 4th full length studio album from international trance master, Tetrium. Gadi Aviv aka Tetrium, was Born in 1971 in Natnia Israel, located in the south of Israel. Ever since he was a kid he found a connection with Electronic Music and from 1991 on Tetrium has been part of the underground Israeli trance scene.
Now in 2012 with 'Precision Mechanics', Gadi continues his output of Fullon melodic Psy Goa trance with 7 original songs and 2 remixes for tracks by Twina and Digital Tribe that will leave the listener in quite a trance forgetting where they are without a second to think!

In his future career we're sure to keep getting quality releases from this master of trance. Much love and enjoy the good music.


1. Let the thoughts run to you - TETRIUM 
2. Beat Zone - (Tetrium rmx)TWINA 
3. The sun is shining - TETRIUM 
4. Precision Mechanics - TETRIUM 
5. Anyone Dream - (Tetrium rmx)DIGITAL TRIBE 
6. Feel your body - TETRIUM 
7. Carimoazaon - TETRIUM 
8. Shiva Color - TETRIUM 
9. Let the moves control your body - TETRIUM

Source: www.psyshop.com