TeTuna - Psychedelic Transition (CD)


TeTuna - Psychedelic Transition (CD) Goa Records is proud to present the long awaited debut album of French psytrance virtuoso, TeTuna.This Uplifting approach to the full on genre is a breath of fresh air that stands out as a pure and pristine offering of truly inspired dance music.
Each track touches the listener's heart and soul with the feeling of happy and care free times. Te-Tuna, premier Trance producer from France is aka Damien Papot aka dj Dam, part of psy-org Phoenix Frequencies and Geomagnetic.tv. He discovered psy trance in 1996 by listening to a goa and ambient radio show 'Take Off' presented by Dj Pulsate/Signs who also collaborated with TeTuna on hit track the 'Ancient Flying Technologies and dj M-Rik from 'Moon Spirits Records'.

Then, Dam was added to the team more than 5 years ago and played dj sets on radio and parties. He started his own project and began to produce tracks with his musical knowledge. Now Dam's is producing morning but resolutely dancefloor psytrance tracks in his studio, sometimes with friends, finishing debut album on Geomagnetic and playing constantly in parties around the world with the same spirit 'for the people dancing and dreaming'. Recently he's took the 2nd place in the 'Cytopia Artist Competition' with his tune 'Halissa'.


1. LSD - TETUNA2. Crop Circles - TETUNA3. Baby's Return - TETUNA4. Hot Stuf - TETUNA5. Wonders Touch - TETUNA6. Madstreet - TETUNA7. Positive World - TETUNA8. Sparring Program - TETUNA9. Nuclear Sun - (TeTuna rmx)VIRTUAL LIGHT10. Dahilalaoh - TETUNA

Source: www.psyshop.com