Taucher - Adult Music (CD)


Taucher - Adult Music (CD) For adults only! At his farmhouse, Taucher has built in a studio in the old wash house. Equipped with all the latest software technology, he is about to make up for what has been burning under his nails for years: independent realisation of his ideas, whenever he feels like it. Independent realisation of his ideas, whenever he feels like it.
Independence is also key when it comes to distribute his productions. He is about to dive into the free channels of the digital world to male his adult philosophy heard.

For the unique progressive sound Taucher propelled as both Dj and producer, he found the characteristic name Adult Music. Far from sounding presumptious, he simply tried to ex-press his crucial artistic and personal development.

Whenever you come across the claim Adult Music, you can be sure good old Taucher is involved. In no time, the new name not only turned programmatic but also magnetic, and not only for adult.


1. Paris 
2. Just like you 
3. Mach dich mal locker 
4. Flower 
5. The act Of masturbation 
6. Headfuck 
7. Soya Sauce 
8. Eddy

Source: www.psyshop.com