Taliesin - Three Times Three


Tracks written and produced by Juergen KernEach track fits together like a magical tapestry woven and carefully blended together into a continuous flowing mystical voyage through all that is virtual and back to the real world begging to go back on the fun filled memorable ride all over again. The music is easy going and straight forward enough to appeal to all fans of electronica while having many deep psychedelic layers that will keep even the most discerning and selective customers praising these stunning results!
Since the crunchy offbeat basses, the airy arrangements as well as the dreamy melody speckles, fading into seemingly endless spaces, are virtually predestined for a summery- sunlit open air floor. And that is why the warm, friendly and laid-back character of the second Lightsphere album delivers the perfect soundtrack for the current return of the outdoor season which everybody has been longing for so much.


1. Slide Show 
2. Natural Movement 
3. Oneness 
4. Feel 
5. Hidden Harmony 
6. Upside Down 
7. Rise - (Lightsphere rmx) 
8. Underwater Landscapes 
9. And the beat goes on 
10. Intersession


1. Open Doors 
2. Pure Beach 
3. Shaping Realities 
4. Dragon Kingdoms 
5. Breath of the dragon 
6. Psyloactive 
7. The Shift 
8. The wild hunt 
9. Feentanz

Source: www.psyshop.com