Taff - Moon Princess


Altar has produced another essential album for ambient explorations!Taff (aka Sergey Bondarenko) is known for accompanying Chronos live on stage with his skilled flute-work on a variety of different types of flute. Together Chronos and TaFF have released a beautiful mini-CD titled 'When the Day Turns to Night' which was released in the summer of 2010 on Altar Records.
TaFF's first album, 'Moon Princess', is about an ancient Chinese tale that has been crafted into a musical story with care and patience.

This album has been three years in the making as Sergey has honed his skills to achieve the sound he was looking for. The result is a superb organic chill-out album with a great character.


1. Birth in nothingness2. Secret Mechanism3. Mr Whale4. Far Shores5. Planetarium - (Taff rmx)6. Shimmering Mountains7. Iron Sand8. Moon Princess9. Somewhere in the Gobi10. Through Time11. Among the trees12. Crystal Sun

Source: www.psyshop.com