Synthology - Southwild


Wildthings Records are excited to bring you their 16th CD release and one of the most anticipated debut album's from the Wildthings sound bank, Southwild's 'Synthology'.
Jay is the newest member to the Wildthings family but by no means a new comer or the least experienced in the world of studio production. Jay has grown up in the psychedelic scene as one half of the infamous Rastaliens alongside his old friend Ralph, but for the last few years he has passionately channelled his inspiration and love for psychedelic dance music into his Solo project 'Southwild'.

The album 'Synthology' is awash with Jay's unique style, a fusion of Funky grooves and forward thinking production of high quality 'twilight' psy-trance. Slightly dark, a little twisted, super groovy and spaced out. With a spark of insanity thrown in for good measure! This Album packs quite a punch as it pushes you into realms of sonic saturation where the mind is flooded with unexpected twists and turns, all driving towards one final outcome, a rocking take off into the psychedelic plane An ideal place for Acidic dance floor lovers worldwide.

It's a must for any follower of the Wildthings sound or any new comers to the label, who want to forget about the generic and start delving into a fresh world of psychedelic trance music, Wildthings stylee..Enjoy!


1. Synthology2. Kick the hose3. Just a ride4. Bonnielicious5. Cloud Control6. Maple Styrups7. Bleeps n Bubbles8. Guess What9. Alien Sex10. Brain Tentacles