Synesthesia - Blossom (CD)


Synesthesia - Blossom (CD) Come witness what has just blossomed atthe FreAnce Garden!This EP comes with a lot of interesting tracks.
First, a smashing collaboration between Synesthesia and David Abrgel, an experimental Down-Tempo delight to get you into the mood. Then we get our theme Track for This EP: Blossom ' Funky Melodies and Arpeggios combined with roaring-shouting leads plus a great spacey sound. This thumping yet emotional track is much better enjoyed than described. And here comes an unexpected treat: A RMX to Blossom by Nonetheless than Mindelight. The fully melancholic Blossom theme is turned into a Wild-Funky Pumping Full-On Track with a Bluesy Feel that Only Mindelight can deliver. Following, a Full-Rocking track which is a mere taste of the Synesthesia's live experience, Live Drums and Electric Guitars played with a nice upbeat Base to Form Funky Junky. Last but not Least comes WHY?! The natural way for Synesthesia to close this release. A Down Tempo more Darkish style track, experimental in its core, WHY?! Presents the main Idea behind Synesthesia's concept, which is not confined by any BPM or conventional Trance standards, with Guitars perfomed by Hernan (AKA Mindleight) there's no mistake in saying that this EP is a keeper.


1. On and On - (vs David Abrgel) 
2. Blossom 
3. Blossom - (Mindelight rmx) 
4. Funky Junky 
5. Why?!