Sync24 - Comfortable Void


Swedish composer Daniel Segerstad aka Sync24 presents his second solo album.A fresh dive into deep downtempo and acid ambient soundscapes.
After the much acclaimed release of 'Source' in 2007 and two outstanding albums with his other project Carbon Based Lifeforms, Daniel Segerstad immersed himself in his studio and adsorbed his musical influences to compose a truly intimate and picturesque album.

In a continuous mix of 10 tracks, crispy electronica flirts with soothing ambient, floating atmospheres and melodies take root in finely crafted synth textures while pulsating bass line and warm rhythms set the pace of this multidimensional musical journey.

With his 'Comfortable Void' Sync24 offers a stylish exploration of deep chill.

Make yourself comfortable, press play and flow into the void...


1. Comfortable Void 
2. Inadvertent 
3. Dance of the Droids 
4. 1N50MN14 
5. Nanites 
6. Sequor 
7. Something Something 
8. Oomph 
9. Wake - (live edit) 
10. There is no spoon