Symphonix - The Wild Life (CD)


Symphonix - The Wild Life (CD) Brothers Sirko and Stephan Woetanowski need no introduction in the world wide progressive szene. Over 50 releases on the leading top labels, two full length albums, as well as massive relases of their sideproject 'True Lies' and their beyond comparison live sets make those guys to the most favored live acts on every soundspot worldwide.

Their journeys around the world, their experiences with the dancing crowd, the vibe of an open air somewhere in the forrests, that's is what they catched in ther second studio album 'The Wild Life'. A sound construct that goes really deep and emotional, telling fantastic stories.

There are only a hand full of artists, that understand like Symphonix to produce grown up sound that wakes up the child in you, tunes you wish to hear again and again, allways detecting new ingenious details in the tracks.

The affecting incredible feedback of the dancfloors around the globe prooved that this album is something special, made of pure progressive trance as it should be grooving and bright, intelligent and creative without getting cheesy at any time and with soul in it.

Have a walk on the wild side!
Style: Progress Trance
Released: Nov. 2008/48

1. Trip Away
2. System Float
3. Smoking Ace
4. Floating Mirror
5. Freq Box
6. Freaking Out
7. The good old times
8. Home sweet home
9. Resting Voltage
10. Miles to go