Symphonix - The Usual Suspects (CD)


The Usual Suspects of top-notch Progressive Trance!The limits of Progressive Trance are pushed further and further every day. More and more often this results in interesting hybrid productions between various electronic music styles. Also the Symphonix brothers Sirko and Stephan Woetanowski take part in this musical evolution process, but they keep their rather experimental bits on the side for various other projects. In the matter of Symphonix, they always strived to keep the original idea of Progressive Trance.
And accordingly also the already third studio album of this project is solid, bouncy and distinctly psychedelic- but still modern and up-to-date as it can be. It is exactly this tightrope walk that is characteristic for the sound of Symphonix. Keeping up a clear Progressive Trance vibe and only slightly scratching recent trends and other genres, working in only subtle quotes from there to spice up the overall mixture and keep it fresh and exciting. That this recipe works out really excellent can be watched every weekend somewhere on this globe, when the two musical jacks of all trades present one of their positive, sunlit and uplifting live sets.

So all together their new album meets all the characteristics to be beyond the usual suspects once again.


1. Remember You 
2. Sexy Dance 
3. Downtown 
4. Strawberry Lime 
5. Music from heaven - (Symphonix rmx) 
6. True Reality 
7. Dawn to dusk 
8. Dirty Minds 
9. Ask for permission 
10. Feel Free