Sygmatix - Ass Tricks (CD)


'Ass Tricks' is the debut album from the solo project 'Sygmatix' of Zeev Oleksin.This album have the elements of Jazz, Funk, PsyTrance and Minimal Tech. This combination creat a uniqe style that not similar to anything you have heard. His Ass Tricks will make you smile and will make your brain to dance deeply than ever.The album include 9 tracks that w and p by Sygmatix, one track from his side project '6 Fingers' and one remix to 'Stephan Bazbaz' ( the other half of 6 fingers).
Ass Tricks can satisfy morning and night dancefloor aswell for people that like to dance with their brain more than with legs.


1. Low Slap Digg - SYGMATIX2. Jazz Make Mess - SYGMATIX3. AssTricks - SYGMATIX4. B4 The Progress - SYGMATIX5. Ihs Noize - (Sygmatix rmx)STEPHAN BAZBAZ6. Arak and Shakers - SYGMATIX7. High Then Funk - SYGMATIX8. Kimdoo Money - SYGMATIX9. Fish - SYGMATIX10. 6 Fingers Delight - 6 FINGERS11. Bull Ba - SYGMATIX