Switch - Not So Minimal


Phantasm Records is proud to announce the release of Not So Minimal...the 4th album from psy superstar Switch aka Isralien wunderkind Irad Brant.
He is born in Haifa, Israel in 1985. After learning piano and then guitar, he got into programming at an early age, producing his first electronic tracks aged 15

The first Switch album 'Hard Drive' was released in December 2006 through Tokyo label Sigma Records launching his international career and making him an A list attraction at the best parties and events around the world. In 2007 after extensive touring he was signed by Japanese uber label Vision Quest who released his second album 'Ravers Only' in March 2008. This album vastly contributed to Switch's status as an international artist and he started playing in big festivals such as The Gathering in Japan and massive shows in Brazil, Mexico and elsewhere.

Switch has collaborated with a host of the Psy scenes A list producers including Eskimo, Dynamic, Melicia, Black and White, Cycle Sphere, Mekkanikka, CPU, Painkiller and many more.

'Not So Minimal' sees the Switch sound refined to maximum efficiency, with 9 blistering floorfillers to rock parties and festivals worldwide in 2012 and beyond.


1. Not So Minimal - SWITCH2. The Perfect Place - SWITCH3. Rubber Band - SWITCH4. Ravers On The Dancefloor - SWITCH5. Old school is sometimes cool - SWITCH6. Louder - (Switch rmx)SESTO SENTO7. Make Your Decision - SWITCH8. Let It Roll - SWITCH9. Infectious Stuff - (Hi Fi rmx)SWITCH

Source: www.psyshop.com