Suntree - Inside (CD)


Suntree - Inside (CD) Iono Music proudly presents the debut album of Israeli Alon Brilant aka Suntree who has already made himself a good name for his strong, but also sensual and crisp sound. His single tracks have already been released on labels like YSE, Blue Tunes, Planet B.E.N., Ministry of Sound and more.

His first full lenght album 'Inside' is a mature, high energetic, groovy and atmospheric travel, an incredible uplifting journey which comes along with a high level of production and approaches a wider audience with various styles of Trance: Psychedelic, uplifting, rockish and deeply progressive.

With his patience for a detailed production work he is able to construct a perfect flow in his tracks, builded up in tidy arrangements.

As he was always attracted to the sound of the psychedelic morning trance, it is very important to him to incorporate emotions in his music.

So you will be hypnotized to tracks with a deeper edge and a wider range of tricky vibes which will make you get going even further.

'Inside' is equipped with 8 new original tracks and a new album edit of his former E.P. release 'Private Guide'. You will feel the sound of deep pushing basslines and taste the smell of psychedelic sounds and warm euphoric melodies.

Each track on this album will be played on all festival floors around the globe this summer for sure.

Style: Progress Trance
Released: May. 2009/21

1. Lonesome Dream
2. Freedom
3. X.T.C.
4. Inside
5. Comparable Worlds
6. Persistence
7. Back To The Source
8. Unseen
9. Private Guide - (album edit)