Sunstryk - Serenity


Over 12 months have passed since Sunstryk appeared from nothingness at the progressive psytrance stage with his debut album 'Pure Essence' on Plusquam Records.
Now he strykes back with with his 2nd full length studio album 'Serenity' containing 8 previously unreleased tracks and unleashes another CD with refreshing new sounds and stories to feed your spiritual essence and imagination, to bring you bliss and joy.

This time it is extended with a remix to the classic track 'Nobody Knows' by the German producer veterans Symphonix.

So no more words about it just get into the audio previews and decide yourself!


1. Losing My Friend 
2. Shy For Love 
3. Stryke To Heaven 
4. Mystycal Arbol 
5. Hungaryan Fox 
6. Serenity 
7. Question Of Sylence 
8. Nobody Knows - (Sunstryk Remix)